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At the time of its opening, the Centre for Dementia and Memory Impairment in the KCV Neurology Clinic was the first centre of that kind in Vojvodina, and the second in the country.   Dementia is developed, permanent condition of global decline of brain functioning, which is combined with personality changes of the sufficient degree that compromises a patient’s professional activities and social relations. It has been estimated that over 30 million people suffer from this disease, and it is expected to grow.  Dementia poses a problem to the person who suffers from the disease, their carer, family and the society as a whole.  The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which is a slowly progressive degenerative disease of nervous system. To ensure an adequate approach to the disease, it is necessary to firstly provide for a detailed diagnostic processing, therefore the newly opened CCV Neurology Clinic’s Centre for Dementia and Memory Impairment  will carry out modern memory impairment and dementia diagnostics through outpatient and hospital services, including necessary laboratory analyses, brain screening techniques and estimates of neuropsychological functions, with a view to provide timely therapeutic response and to plan future in accordance with the flow of the disease.

For the first examination, a referral from the selected general practitioner is required, and each subsequent exam (control exams, necessary analyses..) is realised in agreement with the specialist.
Making appointments for examinations and surgeries are done through the IHIS system, whereas patients, who belong to the health institutions that have not been integrated in the IHIS system, may make their appointments by e-mailing their scanned referral and relevant specialist’s reports to the following e-mail address: zakazivanje@kcv.rs
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