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Chronic pain does not have only physical, but psychological and social aspects as well, with negative impact on all aspects of quality of living, both for the person suffering from pain and their family. Possible consequences are: limited physical activities, sleep disorder, absence from work, loss of employment and income, social isolation, anxiety, fear, depression.  Right to pain treatment is a fundamental right of everyone, regardless of whether the pain has been caused by malignant diseases, HIV/AIDS or any other chronic painful condition.  Recognising that chronic pain as a medical problem has been underestimated and insufficiently treated; the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina has established a Cabinet for chronic pain therapy.


The Chronic Pain Therapy Outpatient Clinic is intended for all adult patients, experiencing non – cancer pain for at least three months (back pain, osteoarthritis, painful neuropathies, headaches, chronic pain after a trauma or surgery and similar), or cancer pain.  The Outpatient Clinic is located in the CCV’s polyclinic.


Following the quantitative and qualitative pain assessment and the set diagnosis, pain treatment is applied by prescribing rational drug therapy, and neural peripheral, central, sympathetic and other blocks, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, acupuncture.  Interdisciplinary consultations and cooperation with colleagues (neurologist, neurosurgeon, physical therapist, rheumatologist, orthopaedist, and psychologist) are carried out as needed.  Patient’s pain is considered real here, and with active approach which encompasses education of the patient and their family, and promotion of prevention, self-control and pain coping and overcoming skills, the negative impact of pain on the quality of life is reduced.  Results of pain treatment are evaluated at the scheduled control examinations, potential undesired effects are assessed, patient and their doctors’ attitude towards pain and its elimination is re-evaluated.

Making appointments for examinations and surgeries are done through the IHIS system, whereas patients who belong to the health institutions that have not been integrated in the IHIS system, may make their appointments by e-mailing their scanned referral and relevant specialist’s reports to the following e-mail address: zakazivanje@kcv.rs
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