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Clinical Centre of Vojvodina is efficient and effective highly specialised healthcare, scientific, research and educational institution, dedicated to offering high-quality health services on a tertiary level, using the most up-to-date procedures in diagnostics and therapy, and methods of treatment. Healthcare is provided through polyclinic and clinic treatment of patients.
Quality of our work and services provided is based exclusively on continual quality improvement of healthcare provided and implementation of the newest medical technologies, through scientific work, research and continuous education of the employees, to achieve highly qualified and competent personnel. We are also dedicated to the education of our colleagues on the secondary and primary level of healthcare as well as the implementation of the newest ways of treatment. Continuing improvements in quality of healthcare services provided also mean close networking with all the healthcare institutions on a secondary level, as well as providing efficient, forehand and adequate healthcare. This continuing investment in the quality of healthcare services means that healthcare quality also reaches the goal of our existence, which cares about every patient’s health, concerning patients rights and the Code of ethics.


The vision of the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina is the strengthening of the expert capacities and implementation of the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods so we could confirm our role as the leader in the region. Healthcare users are in the focus of our attention, and in that way, we build a relationship of confidence, as for users, so for employees, and therefore further networking with other health centres in the region.

Values of Clinical Centre of Vojvodina
– Constant quality improvement in providing healthcare services and security for the users and employees;
– Continuous follow up of the modern achievements in science and professional improvement, to achieve the goal of reducing professional mistakes;
– Improvement of the public health through dedication towards the user, concerning the Code of Ethics, human rights, responsibility and professionalism;
– Respect of every employee through enabling the growth of their potential, with preservation the teamwork principles and cooperation;
– Socially responsible healthcare institution of the tertiary level, which provides healthcare services concerning high standards of environmental care.